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Pitch Clock

The Entrepreneur’s Wingman
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Extraordinarily Simple

Delivery time is calculated automatically.
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Practice Makes Perfect

Start the countdown to practice with your text. Rotate to landscape to practice from memory.
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Use AirPlay to practice your pitch on the big screen.
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The best app to craft, practice and time your startup pitch.
That last pitch is gonna be a tough act to follow and now you're being introed. You're on the clock. The lights are shining down and all eyes are on you. Are you ready? Of course you are! You've been using Pitch Clock to practice for this moment. Nervous? Not you. You're a pro... thanks to Pitch Clock.

Savvy founders quickly learn that to be successful they need an arsenal of pitches tailored and ready for different situations and different audiences. Pitch Clock is your secret weapon to help craft the perfect pitch whether you have twenty seconds for a quick intro, one minute at Startup Weekend, or two minutes thirty seconds on stage at Demo Day to impress investors.

Pitch Clock is extraordinarily simple. First, select your spoken words per minute... don't worry, you can always change it later if you find your natural pace is faster or slower. As your pitch comes to life, your delivery time is calculated automatically. Once you've perfected your pitch, save it to iCloud and practice your delivery (out loud) with your text while the clock counts down. If you have an Apple TV equipped HDTV, you can use AirPlay to practice teleprompter-style as your pitch scrolls up the big screen. Feeling confident? Good. Now rotate to landscape and it's just you against the clock (you can even round it up a little first, if you'd like).

Pitch Clock was conceived after pitching CollabraCam at the Twitter Hatch pitch competition. Pitch Clock was created with entrepreneurs in mind, but this killer app will help you prep for all kinds of public speaking opportunities. Pitch Clock is ideal for student presentations, Toastmasters, open mic night, even preparing for Sunday service.

Pitch Clock - The Entrepreneur's Wingman is available for free supported by voluntary patronage, and is available exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.
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